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Cultivating Green Thumbs


Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

First step is to find a functional space in the home and place the pots. It is important to know the plant before buying. Choose the right plant based on your requirements. Start with less number of plants. Sunlight is necessary and provide as needed. Re-potting will  help to grow the plants nicely. Water and nourishment is very important factor; but don't over dose it. Hire or consult a gardener whenever needed.  

Money Plant Growing Tips & Informations

Money plant is a beautiful plant that grows easily with less care. It can be grown in water and soil. Medium sized ceramic, clay or plastic pot with good drainage system is the best option for money plant. Money plant grows round the year. It can survive in various temperature conditions except frozen. Any soil can be used but fertile and loamy soil will help in healthy growth. It requires only limited sunlight to grow. 

money 1.jpg

Keep Your Small Succulents and Cacti Thriving

When it comes to Succulents and Cacti, right amount of water is the most important factor to be considered. Water more in summer and less in winter. A drainage hole is compulsory to drain the excess water. Don't mist your cacti and succulents. As every plant, these plants also require enough sunlight. Don't keep the pot size small. Choose well drained soil for these plants.