Corporate Gifting

Show your love to the environment with sustainable gifts and spread the awareness! The Laminea have come up with a range of corporate gift ideas that are going to be a perfect expression of affection and gratitude towards your colleagues, peers and senior management. The array of gifts that we have has all been aesthetically designed by experts as perfect corporate giveaways during festive times. The impressive quality and the need based gift items that we have makes us one of the chosen brand names in the industry.


Plants Give Us Oxygen For The Lungs And For The Soul.



Green Giftings

Together, we want to bring our love for greening to a whole new level and aim to be one of the leading green gifting solutions in India to provide the option of full customization. A product of design and love for who you care for; a personalized gift that encapsulates a story that one will like to share on; a memory that one can keep.

Terrariums and succulents

Terrariums and succulents make a wonderful plant and gift for the first time grower or those limited on space. Terrariums are a fun and creative way to display your succulents and other low-maintenance plants. If you are looking for a perfect gift then succulents or Terrariums is the right choice. These trendy plants are sure to make a unique gift for anyone on your list. So, get creative with your gardening!


Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Laminae brings you complete and customized plants designs that suit your office/home interiors. We offer wide varieties of exotic indoor and outdoor plants which provides a lush green to your living environment in indoor or outdoor, contact us for customized landscaping plants and various air purifying indoor plants. We provide indoor plants that purify air which give a lively environment at your living space.

Vertical Garden and Biowalls

With the growth of urbanization the cities are converted in to concrete jungles day by day and consequently reducing the greenery, giving rise to global warming. Here the need is to bring about greenery in the every little available area
along with its beautification. Laminae happily introduce its various products which can bring about greenery vertically as well as horizontally as per your need and available space as all of them are modular system.

Green Fortune Plantwall Caroli Sweden 3.