These planters can effectively complement any interior space, including tables, windowsills or shelves. These planters have a smooth, varnished surface and are made from high porcelain.


Key informaitons

• Planter pot with glossy surface

• Made from good quality porcelein

• Frost resistant

• Small sized planter

• Unique eye catchers

• Trendy and timeless

• Awesome quality

• Versatile and stunning

• 100% Made in India 


Ceramic is timeless, yet contemporary all the same. This 100% natural product has been cherished for thousands of years for its decorative properties.

Drainage holes     Yes 
Material                    Glazed-clay
Watering type       Manual-watering
Brand                        The Laminae
Durability                Solid, strong and stable

Ceramic Pot Footed Curvy Bottom Pot With Saucer- Set of 3

SKU: R120H0A2056