Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes for all order above Rs. 700


Is combined shipping available?

Yes, we  can often ship up to three items at no extra cost depending on the plants overall size. Two day priority shipping with tracking.


Do you accept returns or exchanges

Yes. We do. Please refer Store Policies for more information. 


Can I call you with questions about the plant?

Yes, but often times it is better to text us first and we can follow up soon as possible.
Usually the same day


Can I place the plant in full sun?

No for indoor plants. These plants are accustomed to indoor and need to be in shade/indoors

In case if you would like to place outside, please keep these plants in shaded open area  for one - two weeks. Until they have accustomed do not put them in full sun! NOTE: Always make sure you acclimate the plant to full sun. This is done slowly over time. Some plants are not happy in full sun ever. When in doubt call or email us


Can I re-pot the plant?

Yes, however ensure repot these plants in a bigger pot, a smaller pot can damage the plant growth.


How much water?

Always keep the soil moist but allow the surface to dry slightly before watering. Use potting soil and remember to keep an eye on the plants. A tiny plant in a tiny pot can dry out quickly and sometimes daily watering is required. Your weather, temperature, sun exposure etc will all be factors to consider before watering.


How and what do I fertilize with?

We recommend an organic fertilizer like bio fertilizers, Bone meal, leaf composts, dried cow dung power  for the plants. Water your plants with a liquid fertilizer(like neem oil)  at half strength every two weeks or at a minimum on a monthly basis. Fertilize in spring and summer. Also use a mineral supplement a few times per year.